20 reasons why japan is living in the future
20 reasons why japan is living in the future

20 reasons why japan is living in the future

20 reasons why japan is living in the future

Japan is a technologically advanced nation . The Japanese have technology like no other nation in the world . Japan is also known as  the land of rising sun . Everyone who has come to Japan feels that they have stepped into the time portal of the future . The people of Japan are a hundred years ahead of the rest of the world because of the robotic machine, fast bullettrains and vending machines that are used in Japan .

1. These Trains Are Shoe Shaped

In Japan ‘s future bullet train design will be just like shoes that people will love.

If you like bullet trains and unique shoes , you will love the Japan’s future .


2. Japanese Toilets Are So Advanced

You might have know that Japanese toilets are very famous because of their abundance of lights and features . Their toilets have features like checking your blood pressure weight or heating the seat etc.


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3. In Japan You Have Your Food Customized To Order

In the future of Japan you will be able to have your food customized to order . Japan is getting so advanced that their innovations will surprise you like you can get any cartoon on the watermelon.

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4. In Japan Vending Machines Are Everywhere

In japan there are vending machine everywhere . In future of Japan  you will get everything you think of from vending machine. Japan’s advanced technology has made human slow and lazy . In japan everything has gone to machines .


5. You Can Lock Up Your Umbrellas Like A Bike

The Japanese seems  to love the vending machines and umbrella . Now , if you go to any mall or supermarket . You will not be afraid of being your umbrella because now you lock your umbrella like a bike .

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6. In The Future Japan Fast Food Restaurants Will Be Miniaturized

As technology advances it trends to make things smaller . If we continue this trend , everything could be made smaller . This is exactly what has happened in Japan . Their fast food restaurants are unrecognizable to us now . It looks so cute.

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7. In Future The Hotels Will Not Have The Rooms But Pods

As populations continues to grow , this technology has been developed to keep most of the people in one place in the future . These hotels will provide you everything  you need  so this is the future of Japan .

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8. Some Hotels Might Also Run By Robots

It seems like Japanese  love the hotels and robots . In the future of Japan you will see robots every where . These robots will work as a reseptionist in the hotels but they cannot speak in English .

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9. Manhole Covers Is The Work Of Art In The Future

In the future of Japan the manholes will be the actual work of beautiful art. As you can see in the images  these covers are impressive and very attractive .

image source – google image by – /interestingengineering.comhttps://interestingengineering.com/23-reasons-why-japan-is-already-living-in-the-future

10. Children Will Clean Up After Themselves

The children will help clean up their schools and rooms to grateful to their elders and learn how to be a productive person of society .

As you know every parent ask their children to help them with house chores doing this will make them a responsible person .

image source – google image by -/interestingengineering.comhttps://interestingengineering.com/23-reasons-why-japan-is-already-living-in-the-future

11. In The Future Hospital Food Will  Be Edible

Hospitals foods` are not good enough to eat. So , for the future Japanese are working on to get better with their hospital foods . So , the patients can happily eat it .


12.  War Machines will be Used For Decoration

In the future , Japan will not  have more wars , nor will it munitions be of any use . But for peaceful cities they have chosen to use their munitions as a decoration . This will look so good .


13. In Japan Their Fashion Is So Different

Japanese fashion sense are so different . whenever , you visit Japan you will notice their dress sense is so unique . In Tokyo , their is a area called Akihabara district , it is  famous for their interesting  dress sense.


14. In The Future Bakery’s Will Be Of No Use

In the future of JAPAN ,  you will see vending machines everywhere , even bakery items in cans . You don’t have to go to the supermarket to buy any kind of bread because you can easily get it from vending machines which is available 24/7. Do you think it is a good idea ?


15. Japan Have Robots Working Everywhere

Japan is so advanced that it has robots working and performing their duties everywhere . You can see them as a shop assistants or in banks . some of the robots  can talk to you and have a friendly  conversation if you can speak Japanese .


16. In Japan Automated Car Parking Is A Thing

You wouldn’t  need to park you car yourself in the future . You can take your car to their many automatic car parking facilities. Most of the hotels ,  restaurants and other buildings have their  automated car parking facilities just to increase their standard .

17. Fastest Bullet Train In Japan

Japan has the fastest bullet train in the world , shinkasen express is the most advanced public transport around the world in Japan. It is the most fastest and cool train which offer a smooth ride . Its  ride    is so smooth that you will not even know you are sitting in this bullet train .

18. In Future of Japan Expectation Meets Reality

It hurts when you  do an online food order and it doesn’t look like this picture . Even , if it is any kind of food . But in the future , you will get exactly the same food as you order . This is an awesome news.

image source – google image by -/interestingengineering.comhttps://interestingengineering.com/23-reasons-why-japan-is-already-living-in-the-future

19. Arcades Are  Multi-Story  Buildings

As you know , popular the computer games is in Japan . The popularity  of computer games in Japan  continue to grow overtime . Computer games have become a part of their culture .

The games are very impressive and some Japanese players are very expert at them .


20. In Future French Fries Will Be Black

In the future of Japan , you will see french fires in black color. They will not burn , they are just black in color . We all love french fries . There will be  many interesting  changes in the future . What is your opinion on this ?

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