3 ultimate novels of all the time
3 ultimate novels of all the time

3 ultimate novels of all the time

3 ultimate novels of all the time


We all grown up by listening this beautiful quote ” there is no friend as loyal as books”. well this is completely true, books play an essential role in life by providing a knowledge of  world, improve the reading, writing and speaking skills. It gives us a complete form of enjoyment by taking us into a unique world of imagination.

As I’m a novelist person and I mostly read Urdu novels which are quietly interesting. Novels are not just a source of entertainment but you also get a great message in the end of the story. The beginning of novels in Urdu genre, start with the book of ” Miraat ul uroos” which is written by Deputy Nazeer Ahmed.

Top 3 novels of my choice which I personally read and I really admire the concept of those novels. These novels are worth reading let’s have a look on:

Peer e kamil:

Peer e Kamila is not just a novel it’s a life changing story. people who already read this will be strongly agree with my point. It’s basically a religious novel. It’s a story of two different people whom beliefs are completely different. A story of non-religious imaama who left her home for the sake of her new religion (Islam) and Salaar sikandar who is Muslim but doesn’t know the actual meaning of life and he always curious with some illogical question. How they met? How the story begins ? Or how they compete each other? For getting these answers you have to read peer e Kamil. This is beautiful written by Umera Ahmed.


Nimra Ahmed’s novel Haalim is completely out of this world, like above of all the imaginations. This story evolves around a time traveller Taliya bint e murad aka haalim aka princess Tasha (who is a con artist but also a princess of old mal aka 587), a famous politician vaan Fatih Ramzal (who wants to become a Prime Minister) and Adam Bin Muhammad (who rises from self doubt to well know anchor and author). In this novel we will see there different stories of different people who meets at a point where they starts their new journey together. It shows two different eras as it is a time traveling story. To find out a story of Taliya , vaan Fatih and Adam you have to read this beautiful novel, it is the most interesting and time consuming novel as it has two parts. I promise you won’t regret after reading it.


It is a story of murder and revenge. A beautiful name Namal is borrow from our holy book Surah “NAMAL”, which mean ants who Considered to be a most unique creature of Allah. So namal revolve around the people who considered themselves as weakest in society. From the chapters of “hamara saadi” to “MA Haneen hu” , I literally fall in love with these characters who lives in a challenging world and fought against all the evils around them. There are alot of characters in this novel and all of them has their own beauty. A journey starts from a murder, who turns into take a justice but end on by taking a revenge. A most talented writer nimra Ahmed is the writer of this masterpiece.

– for me these 3 novels are a real inspiration, with a great content and a beautiful message. If you don’t understand the real meaning of life, or you stick with your bad habits or you want to change yourself but you doesn’t get any motivation so you should definitely give them a chance to read. It will shows you a new aspect of life  and definitely change your mind of thinking.


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