3 ultimate novels of colleen hoover
3 ultimate novels of colleen hoover

3 ultimate novels of colleen hoover

3 Ultimate novels of colleen hoover


Collen hoover is an American author of romance and young adult ficition novels. She was born in December 11, 1979 in Texas, US.

In january 2012, she published her first novel SLAMMED . In december 2012, she published HOPELESS, which was her first most famous novel of all time.

Colleen hoover has achieved so many achivements and awards. In 2014, her novel MAYBE SOMEDAY was awarded. In 2015, her novel CONFESS won an award and in 2016 hoovers famous novel IT ENDS WITH US also won an award.

3 best books of colleen hoover that you must read:

  • Its ends with us
  • Hopless
  • Confess

It Ends With Us:

This is the first novel of colleen hoover that i have ever read and it has become my favorite book. IT ENDS WITH US is a story about a girl whose name is lily bloom, she works in a marketing company in Boston, she quits her job because she always wanted to run her own business and wants to open a florist shop.  I really like the character of lily bloom. There is a  very handsome character of ryle Kincaid, a neurosurgeon. When lily meets ryle,  they both fall for each other. But their relationship didn’t go well. And for know the rest of the tragic story you have to read it, it’s a worth reading and i bet you will not regret it.


Sometimes discovering the truth can leave you more hopeless than believing the lies, and hopeless is also one of that story.  It’s a story about a girl, Sky Davis who has been homeschooled her whole life because of her adoptive mom,  Karen. But somehow she convinces her to attend public school for her senior year and there she meets Dean Holder,  who has a reputation of a bad boy in school. Dean trys to get close to sky but sky always tries to stay away from him because of his reputation in school.  This story has many twists in it and this story also makes me cry in the end. I’m sure you guys will also enjoyed this book.


There is less to appreciate to Colleen’s novels. The story of this book is completely unpredictable. I loved the confessions. I thought that was such a brilliant and unique idea for a story. The story is about 20 year old girl Auburn Reed who moves to Texas and working in a hair salon but she is in search for another job and she get a offered by Owen who runs an art studio. I loved the connection between the characters, the sacrifice, and the writing. If you’re looking for a story that will grip you from the very start, make you laugh, make you cry and make you feel, pick this one up

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