5 tips how to save your phone from hackers
5 tips how to save your phone from hackers

5 tips how to save your phone from hackers

5 Tips How To Save Your Phone From Hackers

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Today is the age of technology in which people can transfer money  from their bank  account from one place to another through their mobile .

while it is also a risky job because the biggest problem is phone hacking now a days . This allows all your data to go to another person. That person can read all your personal messages and voice mails.

There are many methods of phone hacking.

There are 5 ways that you can save your phone .

1. through email:

now a days email is the most common form of web communication . it is the identifier for many social media accounts that’s why most of the hackers try to hack it . They can hack into your personal account and steal all your  data . They can even reset your passwords .

2. malware:

Malware is a virus which is  designed to destroy computer system . Malware comes to your mobile by downloading  any app or any file that is pass your personal data to any other person and you don’t even know about it .

3. malicious app:

Malicious app are designed to protect your data from any viruses on your phone. Many android’s and iphone were have also downloaded the malicious app to protect their mobile from hackers . some mobiles app are designed to  be downloaded and your personal data goes to some one else. that’s why malicious apps are designed to protects your data from hackers .

4. through call or message:

hackers send messages that your bank account is band or deactivated send them OTP  code , this is also scam. They also call people that you won some reward give them account number and also account pin. first don’t reply to their messages and also don’t give them your OTP number or account pin .

5. free wifi:

free wifi is available on every public places now a days but this is a scam. As soon as you use free wifi your social media records and passwords can be hacked that can be misused .

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