5 Best Self Defense weapon for women
5 Best Self Defense weapon for women

5 Best Self Defense weapon for women

5 best self defense weapons for women

Now-a-days women are the best targets of  90% of  asscults from domestic violence to rape to street crimes . many people think that learning KARATE   and  HAND HANDY  presenting are outstanding guns for self- defense . It is effective for the ladies who have tall figures and actul strength  but it will be a little harder for girls who are thin and fail to fight with boys who are stronger and taller then them .

We should work on some better options which could be precious and a success for all the ladies.

There are 5 best self-protection weapons for ladies .

  • pepper spray bracelet
  • pen knife
  • hand gun
  • self defense key chain
  • stun gun and teaser

1: Pepper Spray Bracelet

Pepper spray bracelet was designed by caroline olah  . She came up with the idea for creating a silicone  pepper spray that is just look like a silicon bracelet . Things is with the little viper is that you can put it on your wrist and have protection at a moment’s notice . It sprays up to an effective range of 3 feet , it only weights one and it has up tp 3 to 6 one – second bursts.

2: Pen Knife

Pen knife is a small pocket knife looks like a pen . It has only one blade .It over all length is 5.875 inches , blade length is 1.75 and it is sharpened on both sides at blade the weight is 1.2 ounces . It is super easy to carry  with you .

3: Hand Gun

A hand gun is easy self- protection weapon for girls . A frail girls can defense her-self from aggressor if she knows how to use it .

4: Self Defense Keychain

It is the personal safety gadget . This weapon will give chance of survived and time to escape to safety .

5: Stun Gun and Taser

The stun gun is specifically direct contact whereas taser device can be utilize other direct contact device or as a long – range weapon because the stun gun is a direct contact device and the taser on the other hand can be utilized as both a long- range device and it can fire up to cartridges up to 15 feet away for civilians models and up to 25 to 35 feet away for durt probes for law enforcement this gives you plenty of distance in order to be protected and stay safe.


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