Genre of journalism
Genre of journalism

Genre of journalism

Genre of journalism:

A relevant information or collection of knowledge, newspaper, column writing and so on, which can spread through a media is called journalism.

We live in an era where we want to know what’s happening in the world in every single minute. Journalism is important because it gives an actual and current information via newspaper and news media. But now electronic media plays an vital role in spreading the news via social media. Online journalism is trending and effective.

As a journalist everyone has their own specific thoughts and style to convey the message and news to people. Some are the most frequent way are as mention below:

  • INVESTIGATIVE: The motive of investigative journalism to expose the truth of some particular person, subject, event or organization. This can be done in underlying a special team.
  • News: news refers as a information about the current event as it is the most typical and old way of communication in journalism. Regular topics which covered by news are politics, war,  government,  sports, entertainment and so on.  News are generally associated with  newspaper.
  • Column: A column is a piece of article, which published in almost every newspaper, magazines or in blogs weekly. Column writing is actually a way to convey the own opinions about that topic. Mostly columnist express their opinions and thoughts of that subject. A columnist should have a good command over his writing ability to published a column for readers.
  • Reviews: A review are a composition of own opinion and facts. This needs to execute two things firstly, description of identity or personality of person should be accurate. Secondly, provide an authentic information and facts by self search.
My words on journalism:

For me journalism is not just a profession only, if you enter  this world you will get to know the actual meaning of life. As a journalist he has  to travel in so many areas, visit different people, heard their stories, after these journeys a perspective of a person definitely changed according to life. If you want to be a good journalist not just follow but live this profession.


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