How a person being addicted
How a person being addicted

How a person being addicted

How a person being addicted

Most of the people think addiction or being addicted in teenagers is normal. But they dont accept addiction is also a brain disease like other mental health problems. Basically addiction is usually refer to engage in behaviors that left harmful consequences. It is treat able with the right plan and resources, recovery is possible.

Addiction doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a long process and depends on many factors. As there are four stages which shows how a person being addicted.

  • Experiment
  • Regular use
  • High risk use
  • Addiction or dependency

While in first two stages there is low chances of developing an addiction, but within the third stage are extremely likely to progress into full blown addicts.

Experimental  define a voluntary use of drugs, alcohol, cigarettes without experiencing any negative consequences is encouraged  teenagers or young adults to take it often. As its a first step and mostly young ones continue to take it as it left no negative impacts and make them feel good so they jump on the next level to use it on regular basis.

When it comes to on regular basis, a person feel life is not comfortable without using these substances and begins to use it on a daily basis. It’s a continue stage of addiction where person is no longer interested in other activities, and they feel anxious and exaggerated between their doses. Some people during this stage may develop feelings of guilt and shame for their behavior but generally will continue to justify it or make excuses.

Nearly,  with the continue use of dosage, both physical and psychological reliance on the drug is developed. Body is stop functioning properly as it need a more of drugs. A person is not only neglecting his health but also he start justifying dangerous behavior, want to take risk in every situation in favour of getting high.

An addict person may not only resemble the person who we know before. A full blown addict user feel he may not able to refrain from using these substances. As he want to quit it for so many times but result is only disappointment. They feel guilty for the misery of their loved ones, but left their own need is quite impossible. Addiction is like a family disease, one person may use but the whole family suffers.

Fortunately, at whatever stage you are in, addiction is curable. It only become worse when it’s left untreated. Or it can only be for those people who wants to recover themselves, helps are available for them. Like the stages of getting addicted, there are also different stages recovery. But most importantly, for saving your life first thing you have to do is contact with a compassionate counselor for being to live a drug free and healthy life.


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