Pakistani Comedian Umar Sharif passed away.
Pakistani Comedian Umar Sharif passed away.

Pakistani Comedian Umar Sharif passed away.

Pakistani comedian umar sharif passed away

Muhammad Umar professionally known as Umar Sharif was born on April 19,1955 in Karachi. And he died on 20 October at the age of 66.

Umar Sharif was a Pakistani actor , comedian, director ,producer and television personality .He is the one of  the greatest and well known comedian in the sub- continent. In 1974,Umar Sharif started his career from Karachi  as a stage performer at the age of 14 . In 1989 , His most popular comedy stage plays were  BAKRA QISTAN PE and BHUDDHA  GHAR PA HA .

In october 2009, Umar Sharif  started hosting his own late-night talk show . The Sharif show  on  GEO TV . In his show he interviewed many  well- known personalities like actors, entertainers, politicans and musicians.

Umar Sharif was also very famous comedian in India . He also came as a guest judge on the Indian comedy Show ” The great Indian Laughter Challenge “ with Indian comedians NOVJOT SINGH SIDDHU and SHEKHAR SUMAN.

In 1986, he did his 1st ever film  HISAB  which was very well- known amoung  the people . In 1987, he did film KUNDAN  and then in 1992 he did film  Mr.420  which people  liked very much and for this film  he also get the Best actor award . In 1994, he did the film khandan and  then in 1994 he did film LAUT SAHB . Umar Sharif  has  received  National award for Best Director . He has also received ten NIGAR AWARDS . He  was the only actor who received four NIGAR AWARD  in a single year . Umar Sharif has also  received the award  TAMGHA-E-IMTIAZ.

Umar  Sharif was a cancer patient . His health was getting worse  day-by-day . So, on 10 September 2021, Pakistani television host and news anchor WASEEM  BADAMI  posted a video of Umar Sharif  on his instagram and he requested the PRIME MINISTER of Pakistan for cancer treatment facilitation  overseas . When the video got viral an Indian Singer Daler mehndi also requested to Prime Minister Imran Khan for immediate treatment of  Umar Sharif . On 11 September 2021 , goverment decide  whether or not to sent him abroad for treatment . On 16 September 2021 , he was granted US visa for medical  treatment and Sindh Government  also approved  40 million rupees for his treatment . On 20 October  2021 , he passed away in Germany .


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