Top 3 time invention that doesn’t exist
Top 3 time invention that doesn’t exist

Top 3 time invention that doesn’t exist

Top 3 time invention that doesn’t exist


Mirror mirror on the wall!

what is the new invention which blows the mind of all?

In last 500 years, this world gets a lot of new inventions. Those,  which are completely above of our imagination. At some extent world also needed these inventions.

In ancient days,  there is no concept of electricity, telephone, light bulb, machine engines, maps, television, computers, internet and so on. These facilities of invention we get through the creativity of scientists.

This world becomes an inventory , but still we think what will be the new invention in new centuries. As I’m the biggest fan of the most famous Japanese anime fiction “doremon” so I mostly think in 22nd century will we able to invent these things?Top 3 time inventions which are quitely interested but looks not possible to be invent ever, are as mentioned below.

Time Travel or Time Machine:

Time travel is a concept of travel in a time and time machine, it is a transtemporal travel machine which is capable to  take a person into his future or past. We all know the invention of time machine is impossible but at some extent the concept of time travel is  real,  as according to the theory of Einstein which is the theory of relativity which reveals that the time and space are linked up together and no thing can travel faster than the speed of light (which is 186000 miles per second). The fact of this theory is, the faster you travel the slower your time becomes.

A lot of scientists are working on making time machine as they consider that after this invention than we can go to past time but future remains the same. A scientist from the University of Connecticut, Ron mallet claims to have written a scientific equation that could be used to create device that takes people back in time.

I don’t know it is ever possible in real life to have a time machine but we have seen many movies on this concept, for example interstellar, terminator, the tomorrow war, Star Trek etc.

Time Door :

It is quite funny and interesting at a same time,  time door is slightly same as time travel. But in time door we are not traveling in past or future but it’s a device to travel in present time in just a glimpse without any sort of traveling. We can go anywhere to meet anyone without wasting a single minute. Time door will be a great invention if it ever exist but its impossible in this world.

Time  cloth:

The very interesting gadget I have ever seen in time fiction is time cloth. Its a recurring gadget, its a two sided cloth which can be used to advance or reverse time. What if I can wrap time cloth on my half pizza a get a full one. Foodie thought.

My words on time invention:

These gadgets or time inventions are out of this world. But we still shouldn’t judge the capability of our scientist just like other invention which are impossible for the previous generation, we are enjoying those invention. So thing is impossible or maybe these time gadgets will be seen in coming century. If these gadgets ever invented it will be the greatest of all the  time.

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