What are Robots And Advantages and Disadvantages of robot
What are Robots And Advantages and Disadvantages of robot

What are Robots And Advantages and Disadvantages of robot

What are robots and advantages and disadvantages of robot

What is Robot ?

A Robot is a machine which  is design to execute multiple tasks automatically with speed . There are many types of robots and they performs different tasks. Robot can perform better tasks than human as they work faster than human .

Technology has advanced , so that robots can now think and understand like humans. soon , we will find robots every where like in our hotels , in hospitals , in banks and even on roads .

Many companies are making robots such as SOPHIA  ,a female robot with human expressions . It was develop by ” Hanson Robotics ” company which is a Hong Kong based company Sophia was activated in 14 FEBURARAY  2016 and it was first appeared in public on march 2016 in Texas, Austin and United states . In October 2017 , Sophia was also given a citizenship of Saudia Arabia . It is the 1st Robot who got the citizenship of any country .

Advantages of robot:

  1.   Robots make less mistakes than human .
  2. They can work 24/7 because human can get sick and tired but robots can work all day .
  3. They are more accurate than humans  because they work more accurately.
  4. There are more reliable than humans because sometimes employees take time off from work but robots don’t.

Disadvantages of robot:

  1. .Robots has replace humans and they also leads humans to lose their jobs
  2. Robots depends on their programing as they can’t think themselves  they rely on the program which humans install in them perform specific task.
  3. Robots do not have any emotions , they   do not feel anything .

My own words on robotics:

Robots already have taken a huge part in our technology fields. It was impossible a decade ago but they make their own place in this world they are giving us a helping hand in almost every field to reduced our work load and because of their accurate programming, at the same time give amazing performance and efficiency. Though it grow and continue and develop in every sector. We are living in an era of AI and robotics and became a most prevalent essential of society as it will continue with our living.

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