What is digital design and its types ?
What is digital design and its types ?

What is digital design and its types ?

What is digital design and its types


Designing is a type of document for discerption as that  each team or individual will prepare for specific project .Design is creating a physical or virtual elements . Design is carried out by a person or group through their  creativity , knowledge and skills . Design is a  creation of a plan for the  construction of the object or a system .


What is Digital Design ?

A simple meaning of digital designing is that any planning which is done on computerized stage . In early days, every person used to draw by hands on paper however , now we use pointer rather than pencil, we have tabs , screens to draw instead of  on paper .

Types :

There are six types of  digital designing ;

1. Graphic Designing :

Graphic Designing is an ancient craft which is came from 1700 years ago cane , painting of egyptioan  hieroglyphs. In graphic Designing professionals create  visual  content to communicate messages. Graphic designers use images , colors and typography to attract peoples .

2. 3D Designing :

3D Designing is a creation of three-Dimensional object. Three-Dimensional (3D) design was first evolve . In 1060’s which was led by IRAN SUTHERLAND . He is the creator pf world 1st 3D software called Sketchpad.

3. Video production:

Video production is a video content for TV , home videos or the intent . There are three stages of video production : pre-production , production and post-production . There are many types of video production like film videos , marketing  videos , television commercial , product videos event videos etc.

4. Architecture Designing:

Architecture is derived from latin word architecture . It is the process of planning , designing and constructing building or other structures . Architecture means to style the design and method of  construction of buildings and other structures .

5. Product Designing:

Product designing is a process of imagining , creative and iterating products that solve users problems . Product design is also called industrial design . Industrial design is a designing products which is used by millions of people . Industrial designs focus on the product appearance and its functions .

6.Package Designing:

Package designing means a design made for packing boxes .Every company which manufactured products needs packing design. It is a design which makes the product 100k more attractive to the audience .


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