What is E-commerce its types and pros and cons
What is E-commerce its types and pros and cons

What is E-commerce its types and pros and cons

What is Ecommerce its types and pros         and cons


As we all know we are living in an era of electronics where everything is quiet possible with one click of button.                E-commerce has made our life so easy that we can buy anything anytime just by sitting at home we really don’t need to physically go anywhere. E-commerce is also known as electronic commerce. E-commerce allows to business companies and individuals to sell and buy goods and services over the internet. We can purchase almost everything through          e-commerce.

E-commerce has four types:

  • Business-to-business
  • Business-to-consumer
  • Consumer-to-consumer
  • Consumer-to-business


Business-to-business or B2B refers to a business selling of goods and services to another business. They usually sell the products like raw materials. Alibaba is the example of B2B model.


Business-to-consumer or B2C                      e-commerce means that the business is selling the goods to consumer like when you buy a makeup products from an online store. B2C is the most popular e-commerce model. The example of B2C model is Amazon and Daraz. 


Consumer-to-consumer or C2C                  e-commerce refers the selling of goods or services to another consumer. C2C sales take place on website like fiver, eBay etc.


Consumer-to-business or C2B e-commerce is when a consumer is selling their goods or services to a business. Freelancer and fiverr are the examples of C2B model.

E-commerce website:

The website of E-commerce are any site that allows you to buy and sell any products and services online. You can buy and sell anything from these website. Amazon and Alibaba are the examples of e-commerce website.

Pros and cons of          e-commerce :

  • Faster buying and selling procedure
  • You can buy or sell anything anytime
  • Easy to start a business
  • You can buy or sell just by sitting at home.
  • No guarantee of products quality because you don’t physically see the product so sometimes you get a defective product.
  • No experience of product
  • Credit card fraud
  • Sometimes the delivery of the products can be delayed.
  • Internet scammers


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