What is E-learning its history and pros and cons of e-learning
What is E-learning its history and pros and cons of e-learning

What is E-learning its history and pros and cons of e-learning

What is E-learning its history and pros         and cons of        e-learning

What is e-learning:

A tool of education in which we are enable to be educated with computer based system is called e-learning. E-learning delivers education through digital well-being. E-learning is in itself a complete universe of education where we learn everything anywhere.

History of e-learning:

In old schools we know there is no concept of proper education, but the concept of education is flourished day by day.  In ancient time, people only educate themselves by self learning then the concept of compulsory residential schools comes up.  As it is going well but when people start trading and they know the importance of economic so they completely do focus on high education, so university build up.  After ages people realized to not restrict the knowledge and it’s needed to be spread so they exchange knowledge and information through mailboxes to differ cities or even worldwide. Lastly the concept of e-language come to the world which change the thinking of peoples and they do concentrate on studying online because the benefits of e-learning are infinite.

Evolution of e-learning:

The setup of some institute who deliver online education start in early 90’s. In 2000s different companies and business use online learning to train their employees. But since some years  e-learning is defined as an opportunity for many people to gain knowledge as per their interest, and it is redefined with micro learning, AI,  AR, VR, LMS or social learning etc.

Pros and cons:
  • E-learning is convenient and beneficial to all types of learners.
  • It gives multiple choices to their learner to select as their interest and knowledge.
  • It reduces the expense of travel because you can learn anywhere at any time.
  • It accommodate different types of learning style, beautifully translated the content in different language so even language is not even a barrier.
  • If you are a job person so you can carry your education or degree also with your hectic schedule of job by learning online.
  • By studying from e-learning module you should have a good command on using different gadgets, because learner have to access it only from computer or internet or any other gadgets with a connection of good internet.
  • They should have computer skills to run a program, like word processing, internet browsing or email.
  • In e-learning there is no concept of interaction with tutor so the student feel isolated.
  • In e-learning schedule, there is no proper time to study so without routine structure or physical classes student gets confuse about their deadlines and course activities.
My words on e-learning:

If you can say we are completely dependent on e-learning so this is completely true. Even if you are studying in any reputable colleges or universities, still you have to submit some sort of assignments online or have to browse for more information as per courses, even teachers  providing you PDF format books which is also includeing in E-learning. Libraries are shutting down after e-learning evolution as learner want to do work smart rather than work hard. They get all the information from one click of browsing . Even those people who cannot afford expense of education they can also educate themselves from this platform. For me this is the best investment and I am considering it a greatest evolution of all time.

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